Our members, the students at the University of Regina, tremendously appreciate the contributions made to the URSU Cares program. Without donations, the program would not be able to reach enough students to make a difference.

Financial Donations

URSU accepts donations via cash, cheque, or etransfer:

  1. Cash should be dropped of at our Member Services Desk at Riddell Centre 221
  2. eTransfers should be sent to with the password sent to
  3. Paypal transfers can be sent to
  4. Cheques should be made out to “URSU” or “University of Regina Students’ Union”. Our mailing address is:

University of Regina Students’ Union

3737 Wascana Parkway

Riddell Centre 221

Regina, SK’S4S 0A2

Material Donations

URSU accepts donations of clothing, food, and hygiene items. Food and hygiene items are given to students during the pantry. Clothing appropriate for business or for the winter is distributed to some of our students; all remaining clothing is donated to Carmichael Outreach or to Diabetes Canada.

All material donations can be dropped off at our Member Services Desk at Riddell Centre 221 or in appropriate donation bins around the University of Regina.

Emergency Bursary Fund

The University of Regina Students’ Union has an Emergency Bursary Fund available to help those students who need it. The Bursary is intended to help students make ends meet. More info on the fund is available by contacting the Student Advocate at or by checking out the Emergency Bursary Fund Bylaw which is available in the Governing Documents section of the website.

URSU Threads

Making a great first impression can go a long way to ensuring a student takes the first big steps down the career path of their choice. A well-made, well-tailored suit can give one the confidence needed to enter the work world and excel after their university education is complete.

If you’re going for a job interview, work term or doing a presentation and don’t have professional attire, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Thanks to the generosity of Moores Clothing, Dress for Success Regina, and members of the community, we are able to provide students with (gently used) professional attire for men and women.

Donated clothing can be left laundered and bagged in our bin on the main floor of Riddell Centre at the University of Regina main campus. For more information about the URSU Threads please contact our VP External at or our Public Relations Coordinator at

You can also check out these great articles from the Regina Leader-Post, CBC News, CTV News, and Global News for more information on the program.

Fall 2020 Dates

  • September 9, 24
  • October 7, 22
  • November 4, 19
  • December 2, 17

URSU Breakfast Club

Everyone needs a break. Come to the Owl for our “Breakfast Club” mornings and get a free breakfast! Pass the time by chatting with URSU Executives and Staff, as well as your fellow students. Breakfast is served starting at 9 a.m. and lasts until we’ve run out of food.


Check out URSU Breakfast Club!

Unpaid Work Subsidy

Approved by: URSU Board of Directors Date approved: September 20, 2018


Unpaid internships often leave already financially vulnerable students in very precarious positions. The subsidy is not a compensation for the wages that students have to forego, instead it is just one small way that the students’ union tries to assist members where it can.


The Unpaid Work Experience Subsidy is a set up to help compensate students for unpaid work. The subsidy serves all students working towards career development and not receiving an hourly wage for their work.

In order to be eligible for this subsidy your work must simply not receive an hourly wage. Students receiving small honorariums are still encouraged to apply.


Unpaid Work includes internships, placements and, practicum work that students are required to do to fulfill their course requirement and receive no financial compensation.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be an URSU member in good standing
  2. Enrolled in a program whereby Unpaid Work is a degree program requirement.
  3. Must not be receiving an honorarium or stipend that meets or exceeds subsidy amounts.
  4. Must not work for employers that are owned or operated by immediate family members.
  5. Student may not apply for a subsidy retroactively.

Application Process:

  1. Student will apply by filling out a online application form.
    1. The application form can be found here.
    2. Attend an interview with the Student Advocate.

Approval Process:

  1. Student Advocate will;
    1. Evaluate application
    2. Meet with applicant in person
    3. Approve or deny application in whole or in part
    4. Submit request for payment to Accounting

Award Quantities and Values:

  1. Total funding allocation committed for 2018/2019 is $20,500.
  2. Subsidy Amount
    1. More than one month of Unpaid Work – up to $800
    2. Less than one month but more than three weeks of Unpaid Work – up to $400
  3. Subsidy allocations
    1. Maximum of 50% of the total funding pool can be allocated per fall and winter semester.
    2. 10% of each semester’s funding allocation shall be reserved for applicants self identifying as belonging to a marginalized group.
    3. Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis.


  • Student Advocate
    • Accepting and reviewing all applications
    • Determine award eligibility and amount
    • Coordinate payment of award with Accounting
  • VP Student Affairs
    • Solicit corporate sponsorship of program
    • Promote awareness of Program
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