Textbooks cost too much? Don’t stress, URSU and the Archer Library have a solution for you!

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Recognizing the burden that textbook costs place upon students, the University Library has partnered with the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) to pilot a textbook lending program.  Initial funding from the Library and URSU has been supplemented with contributions from the Provost’s Office, the University’s ten Faculties, Student Affairs, UR International, Human Resources, the Graduate Students’ Association, and First Nations University totaling over $45,000.

A total of $10,000 was used this year to purchase as many required textbooks over $100 as possible to be placed on Reserve in the Library.  A small contingency fund was retained to ensure that needed textbooks that were not covered by the established parameters could be added to the collection at the request of students.

How do I find a textbook?

Students can either make the request directly at the Library Help Desk or online by using the Recommend a Book form which can be found here. However, you should also consider asking your professors to use Open Educational Resources. Ideally, OER will be used for all entry-level courses, while later courses with more specialized knowledge could be taught using textbooks available at the library via our Textbooks for All program.

There is a box for “other information” on the form, in the box please specify that the book you’re looking for is part of the Textbook initiative.

Loan Period

2 hours (in library use only)

Holds and recalls are not available for reserve materials due to their already short loan periods.

Only University of Regina students, faculty, and staff may borrow Reserve materials.

Overdue Charges

$.50 per item per hour or $4.00 per item per day to a maximum of $16.00 per item.  Fines will start accruing as soon as a Reserve item is overdue.

To avoid fines, return materials to the Library Help Desk before they are due.  Reserve items remain charged out to you until a staff member discharges them. Items should not be placed in any of the book return bins.  Reserves cannot be renewed.

Lost Charges

You will be charged the replacement cost of the textbook and a $25.00 processing fee.

Finding Textbooks for All on Reserve

  1. On the University of Regina Library homepage click on the Textbooks for All icon.
  2. Click Find Reserve materials on the left hand menu.
  3. In the course Reserves Search screen, use the drop down menus to choose the Course/Department or Instructor’s last name for your class.
  4. A list of materials placed on reserve for the class will display.
  5. Click on the appropriate title to identify the call number of the Reserve item you want and to see if it is available or not.
  6. Take the call number to the Library Help Desk where staff will retrieve the item for you.
  7. Present your valid library card and the call number of the item(s) you want to the Library Help Desk.  This information will assist staff in retrieving the Reserve items.

Staff at the Library Help Desk are available to answer any questions that you may have about use of the Textbooks for All collection.

For more information, contact the Library Help Desk at the Dr. John Archer Library, 306-585-4133.

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