The Advocates are experienced and educated professionals who are available to assist those who are experiencing difficulties. Their main areas of service are academic advocacy, financial aid and preventing discrimination on campus. They are also a source of referrals or support for victims of sexual assault, those dealing with mental health issues or those seeking personal support.

The Advocates operate in an advisory capacity and has the power to investigate, the power to recommend and the power to represent. They are there for you in times of crisis, but also helps you manage issues before they become a crisis. 

The Student Advocate

The Student Advocate will:

  • Listen carefully to your concerns.
  • Clarify and assess your situation.
  • Provide information on the appeal mechanisms pertinent to your circumstances.
  • Help you to understand the policies, procedures and practices appropriate to your situation.
  • Discuss possible courses of action.
  • Make inquiries or conduct investigations to obtain the facts and when appropriate, recommend suitable solutions.
  • Assist you in devising a suitable plan of action.
  • Offer to intervene in some way (prepare and/or present appeals to the University, Student Loans, Rentalsman . . . )
  • Assist students in finding financial aid opportunities.
  • Process applications for the URSU Emergency Bursary Fund and Emotional Wellness Fund.
  • Keep confidential records of your case.

Please click the button below to book an appointment with the Student Advocate.

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

The EDI Advocate will:

  • Creates and implements initiatives and campaigns to help promote greater equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility for all students.
  • Write and review policies to ensure that they meet the needs for equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility.
  • Help students who have been victims of discrimination to put together their complaint and to navigate the university’s investigative process.
  • Assist students with putting together their appeal, for both academic and non-academic purposes.
  • Being the advocate for students in any situation where they require an advocate to represent them before a dean or a committee within the university.

To set up an appointment with the EDI Advocate then please email:



During uncertain times, with policies and procedures changing almost daily, it has become vital that your voice be heard. The skill of self-advocacy is an important one. It helps ensure that your rights are upheld and your voice/position is considered.

We have attached a link below to a complete Student Guide to Self Advocacy. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the steps found in this document.  As always, the Advocate is here to assist you with any issue you require advocacy for. The Advocate can be reached at: or 306-586-8811 x 204.

Self Advocacy Guide

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