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URSU is consistently looking for ways it can improve its service offerings and fulfill its mandate to create and foster an enriching and holistic student life. To that end, URSU is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Sexual Health Outreach Coordinator, Robin Hilton. The mission of the Sexual Health Outreach Coordinator (SHOC) is to lead, support and promote the optimal health and well-being of all University of Regina students and the campus community. They will be responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating all URSU sexual health education programs and initiatives. The goals of this position include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

Empower students to feel comfortable with sexual communication

Enhance students’ understanding of healthy relationships, consent and sexual violence

The URSU Sexual Health Coordinator works together with campus partners to develop and deliver accurate, inclusive and relevant information about sexual health to all University of Regina students and staff.  Our intention is to create safe spaces for trauma-informed, relaxed, open, judgment-free conversation and education about, but not limited to, sexuality, pleasure, identity, relationships, contraception, STI prevention, screening and treatment, and consent.  We welcome and encourage your questions, ideas, and support to nurture a sex-positive campus environment for all students and staff at the University. 

We believe that receiving accurate education is a key component of having a satisfying and empowered relationship with our sexuality and we strive to ensure that students have access to trauma-informed, research-based, inclusive sexuality education on the following topics: 

Communication & Pleasure – Sex can be very pleasurable and we want to ensure that students understand the value of exploring what feels good for them as individuals.  We’ll do this by providing education that facilitates empowerment around personal desires, creating and respecting boundaries, and feeling comfortable with communicating openly about sex. 

Relationships – Casual, long term, complicated, hooking up or flying solo, we recognize that sex happens in the context of a relationship to others or oneself.  This is why we’ll educate first and foremost about self-agency and self-love, then about how to cultivate safe and healthy connections with others. 

Safer Sex Practices – We aim to provide judgment-free education about safer sex practices to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information about how to reduce risk when having sex. We can provide information on how to access safer sex products like condoms or dental dams as well as teach you how to use them correctly.  We can also provide information on STI screening and treatment and how to communicate openly with your partner about this topic.

Consent – Consent lies at the heart of all sexual activity.  Our education will focus on the importance of giving and receiving consent while also educating about what consent feels like.  Our goal is to ensure that every piece of education we provide includes instruction on how to ask for, give, receive and revoke consent. We strive to support students on how to feel confident when giving or not giving consent as well as how to self-regulate feelings of rejection when consent is not given. 

What does a sex-positive campus mean to us?

The term sex-positive doesn’t mean that we promote having sex as the best choice for everyone.  Our intention is to provide trauma-informed, judgment-free and inclusive sex education so that everyone feels empowered to make informed choices about sexual activity.  

We believe that sexuality is natural and that curiosity about sex and a desire to experience sexual pleasure is normal and healthy for all humans.  We understand the complexity of the conversation and the impact of politics, race, gender, culture, age, ability, identity, orientation, religion, and trauma on our individual relationships with sexuality.  We want to ensure that everyone feels included, heard, and safe as we explore this conversation together. 

About the Sexual Health Outreach Coordinator

Robin Hilton (pronouns she/her) was born and raised in Alberta, on Treaty 7 territory.  She attended the University of Calgary in the 1990s, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Women & Gender Studies in 1996.  A mom of 3 teen girls, Robin now lives in Indian Head, Sk on Treaty 4 territory with her husband and daughters where she owns and operates a small yoga studio in the community. 

In 2017, Robin received over 600 hours of specialized training with Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality graduating with her certification as a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.  Outside of her role as the Sexual Health Outreach Coordinator, Robin runs a successful business providing sexual health coaching & education through social media, workshops, speaking & online programming. 

Robin’s approach to sexual health education is trauma-informed, research-based, and non-judgmental. Her work is inspired by intersectional feminism, anti-racism, reconciliation, and inclusion. She strives to remain open-minded and open-hearted in her interactions and is always willing to learn and grow as new information is presented to her.  

Robin spends her spare time enjoying prairie-life with her family and expressing her creative side through writing and photography. 

You can contact Robin by emailing her at 

The role of the Sexual Health Outreach Coordinator is not to provide counselling services or support beyond education.  Please refer to the resource list below for more information on support or counselling services online, at the university and in the community. 

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