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Health & Dental Plan

To help University of Regina students pay for the health services they need, URSU has partnered with Gallivan in order to provide students with extended health and dental coverage. The Plan is designed specifically to fill the gaps in provincial health care (Saskatchewan Health) and other basic healthcare programs.

This plan is an extended health plan. All students still need to apply for a Saskatchewan health card to cover basic medical services (doctor’s visits, emergency room, etc).


The Universal Bus Pass, also known as the U–pass, is a program designed for University of Regina students that will allow them to use Regina Transit as much as they like for a once-per-semester fee.

By paying the mandatory fee of $87.60 each semester, they will in turn get a city-wide transit pass valid for the whole semester (4 months) at a rate cheaper than current discounted student rates of $78 per month. Students who live out of town or within the designated opt-out zones are able to opt-out of the program.

Student Advocacy

As your students’ union, we help students navigate the maze of policy and procedure here on campus. This means supporting students during appeals, meeting with faculty, and striving to be a resource for whatever issues you may be dealing with. Students seeking support or information to help resolve a community issue (e.g. dispute with landlords, difficulty with student loans) can also come to me for help.

Our Student Advocacy office also administers bursaries, provides notary services, and provides a safe and friendly environment for students. We believe everyone needs an ally when the going gets tough. Just having a supportive person with a non-judgmental listening ear is a great help in most situations.

Sexual Health Outreach Program

The URSU Sexual Health Coordinator works together with campus partners to develop and deliver accurate, inclusive and relevant information about sexual health to all University of Regina students and staff.

Our intention is to create safe spaces for trauma-informed, relaxed, open, judgment-free conversation and education about, but not limited to, sexuality, pleasure, identity, relationships, contraception, STI prevention, screening and treatment, and consent.

We welcome and encourage your questions, ideas, and support to nurture a sex-positive campus environment for all students and staff at the University.

URSU Locker Rental

Locker rentals for the 2023 year are now open.  Please visit the URSU Member Services Desk on the second floor of the Riddell Centre to rent a locker on campus.

Advertising, Design, & Printing

URSU has a wide variety of services to help you advertise on campus.  From poster boards, large banners in the Riddell Centre, or Videos on our TV network, URSU can help your business or organization reach those on campus every day.

If you don’t know how to get started our marketing team can help you with design and printing services.

URSU Booking Services

The University of Regina Students’ Union is pleased to offer you an exceptional space to hold your event on the University of Regina Campus. With a spacious room and a variety of amenities, this multifunctional space is suited to hold almost any event and can accommodate all of your needs.

Computer Rehoming Initiative

URSU understands the challenges faced by students and that not all students may have the necessary resources to acquire the necessary computer hardware to enable them to succeed.


You’re a student and you want to save money. ISIC has got you covered.

You could start saving on products from brands like Adidas and Dell and sites like Amazon right away! You could check out Addition Elle or Garage for fresh fashion finds, then fill your that new suitcase you ordered online from Bentley.

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Open Educational Resources

URSU supports the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) which can reduce the barriers to post-secondary education for people of all backgrounds. OER can mean the use of open-access textbooks, but it can also refer to the use of open courseware, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. Ideally, OER will be used for all entry-level courses, while later courses with more specialized knowledge could be taught using textbooks available at certain libraries.

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