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The dreaded drone of inferior information technology is the last thing a student needs, especially when submitting an assignment, putting on a presentation, or filling out a final in a last minute flurry.

The use of technology is an important element in a student’s academic journey. This has become even more prevalent as more and more courses move to online delivery. The University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) understands the challenges faced by students and that not all students may have the necessary resources to acquire the necessary computer hardware to enable them to succeed. This program addresses how URSU can assist those students that have a demonstrated need. Below are some details about the Computer Rehoming Initiative, for the full Technology Support Policy please click here.

  • Every student is eligible to apply to receive a free computer.
  • Students that receive a computer under this policy may not apply again within eighteen (18) months of receipt of their previously allotted computer.
  • Applications must be submitted via the approved application form found here and on the UniVerse student engagement platform.
  • Applications will be prioritized based on need.
  • Applications will be vetted by the Student Advocate who may contact the applicant for further information if required.

Click Here To Apply

** Submissions are closed at this time.  Stay tuned to our social media for updates**

The shift to online classes has forced students who relied on computer equipment available on campus to use outdated tech at home or find alternative access from other public centres. Both approaches rarely provide sufficient support for a semester’s worth of online learning. Some are objectively inadequate for more than the most basic educational assignments. These technological limitations can impact the ability of our members to succeed on their educational journeys. Thankfully, with the help of Computers For Students Saskatchewan, URSU is able to help members gain equal footing in the digital landscape of higher education. By connecting struggling students with underused equipment, URSU is able to offer a valuable service in an eco-friendly manner. This partnership benefits the environment by keeping viable technology in circulation and reduces the need to buy new products. For more information on Computers For Students and how recirculating electronics helps the planet, please check out this video:

About Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools – Saskatchewan has provided more than 70,000 computers in Saskatchewan, part of more than 1.5 million computers nationally. CFS SK distributes over 4000 computers each year to schools, libraries and non-profits in Saskatchewan. They operate two volunteer repair and refurbishing centers in Saskatoon and Regina where surplus computers are cleaned, refurbished, and prepared for delivery. Volunteer workshops are staffed by SaskTel Telephone Pioneers. For more information visit https://cfs-sask.ca/

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