Lobbying with the MLAs and Government is a key tools to advocate for change in policies on behalf of all post-secondary students, and URSU has the mandate to advocate for student’s rights and to ensure that there is a student voice at the table, offer cost-saving services, provide programming that improves the student experience, and of course advocate for lower tuition fees!

As such, we have created a lobby document to advocate with our MLAs on our vision and priorities for post-secondary education in Saskatchewan.

To create a system of accessible, high-quality post-secondary education, the provincial government must move away from piecemeal reforms and a funding model that downloads costs onto individuals. In particular, the URSU is calling on the Saskatchewan government to prioritize these immediate aspects:

The nine recommendations outlined in the document are:

  1. Relieve Student Debt

  2. Replace Student Loans with upfront non-repayable grants for low-income students

  3. Increase Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries for Indigenous and International Students

  4. Fairness for International students.

  5. Funding support for Graduate students

  6. Addressing Student Mental health needs

  7. Addressing issues with the Performance-based funding model.

  8. Creation of Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention Policy

  9. Creation of Trans Rights legislation.

URSU is organizing a Lobby week during February 13-17, 2023.

Many Canadians have utilized our post-secondary education system. But, the current system requires students to take on unprecedented and life-altering debt loads at a very young age to obtain an education that is increasingly proving to be a necessity in our modern economy.  Canadians are

inheriting enormous debt and struggling to meet basic needs, despite paying more than previous generations for housing and education.

While we have all been impacted by COVID-19, students have been amongst those hardest hit. During the pandemic, students and graduates have struggled with rising tuition costs, debt, food insecurity, houselessness, and increasing mental health needs. These intersecting challenges form the basis of the current post-secondary landscape, indicating a need for more government support—now more than ever.

We are looking for interested students from different backgrounds and constituencies to participate in meetings to share our vision for post-secondary education with MLAs.

The URSU Advocacy team will provide all the necessary training and support for students to help them prepare for meetings with MLAs. We will also be providing an honorarium to students who participate in the lobbying efforts.

If you are interested in participating in lobby week, please register here:

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact governmentrelations@ursu.ca

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