Job Search Database


Welcome to our student-focused job search resource! We understand that finding employment opportunities as a student is crucial, so we have compiled a list of valuable links and resources to assist you in your job search. Here are some useful options:


Students’ Union: Check out the job listings provided by the Students’ Union at the University of Regina. Visit it directly on our website at Students Union Job Listings.


University of Regina: Explore job postings specifically catered to University of Regina students and alumni. Visit University of Regina Career Services for a variety of opportunities.


SaskJobs: Access a comprehensive job search platform for the province of Saskatchewan. Visit SaskJobs to explore job opportunities in the area.


Job Bank Canada: Explore the national job search portal provided by the Government of Canada. Visit Job Bank Canada for a wide range of job listings across various industries.


City of Regina: Discover job opportunities within the City of Regina municipal government. Visit City of Regina Job Opportunities for current openings and application details.


Government of Saskatchewan: Explore job openings within the Saskatchewan public service. Visit Government of Saskatchewan Job Opportunities for more information.


Government of Canada: Access employment opportunities within the Canadian federal government. Visit Government of Canada Job Opportunities for a diverse range of positions.


General Google Searches: Use these specific Google search links to explore job opportunities in Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert.


Other Options: Consider dropping off your resume at various locations throughout the city, such as hardware shops, chain stores, and restaurant franchises. These places often have job openings that may not be advertised online.


Student Employment Services: Utilize the resources provided by the University of Regina’s Student Employment Services. Visit Student Employment Services for additional job search links, interview preparation tips, resume/cover letter customization guidance, and more. You can also contact them at 306-585-4600 for personalized assistance.


Job Fair: Attend job fairs organized by the University of Regina’s Student Employment Services. To attend, you can register through Symplicity.




We hope these resources help you in your job search endeavors and pave the way for a successful career.

Wishing  you  a  lot  of  good  luck!

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