URSU is looking into the issue of Academic Misconduct charges faced by students. Many international students face academic misconduct/plagiarism charges during their early years of the program. In most cases students have not been informed regarding the concept of plagiarism or process of citing appropriate sources. URSU is conducting a survey to collect information and understand the experience students undergo when they are accused of Misconduct.

We are looking for information such as which year of the program you faced academic misconduct charges, and what your experience was like. Was the reason for the charge demonstrated clearly, and were your rights explained? Were you provided guidance on how to avoid academic misconduct/plagiarism? What changes would you like the university to make in the academic misconduct process?

Please click here to go to our survey: www.ursu.ca/survey

If you are a University of Regina student and have faced academic misconduct charges, please go to this link and share your experience with us, so we can work to improve the process.

If you have any questions, please contact advocacy@ursu.ca

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