The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, the Vice-President Operations and Finance, the Vice-President Student Affairs and the Vice President External Affairs. Though it is similar in some ways to the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee is a distinct entity that is granted limited powers and responsibility by the Board of Directors in order to ensure the good functioning of the URSU.

In the Executive Committee setting members of the Executive are “decision-makers”. They decide the course of action of the organization on a day-to-day basis and occasionally, as part of their portfolios, they implement the decisions, directives and policies of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee. Read about the Executive Committee and Executive Roles by clicking here.

Tejas Patel
306-586-8811 ext 206
Oghenrukewve Erifeta
Vice-President External Affairs
306-586-8811 ext 235
Birpartap Singh
Vice-President Operations & Finance
306-586-8811 ext 203
SM Zuhruf M Zarooq
Vice-President Student Affairs
306-586-8811 ext 212

The President of URSU acts as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the URSU and is responsible for the overall strategic vision of the organization. The President also sits on the Board of Governors and represents the interests of the U of R students there. The President interacts with and influences University administration and builds relationships with all levels of government in order to promote policies that are in the best interests of students. They are also the Chair of a number of internal and external groups including PAC and the Executive Committee. Finally, the President plays an important role in developing and maintaining the URSU Constitution and its bylaws and policies.

The Vice President External Affairs deals primarily with the development and deployment of events, campaigns, elections and referendums of the students. They are also responsible for developing marketing and sponsorship opportunities for the URSU. They also educate students about important issues to students in Post-Secondary Education (PSE). The VP External also plays an important role in the development of Welcome Week’s Programming and handles public and media relations in conjunction with the President. Finally, the VP External is responsible for overseeing and managing the URSU V-Team.

The Vice President Operations and Finance is primarily responsible for matters pertaining to HR, developing and maintaining the budget, and administering the finances of the URSU. The VP Operations and Finance works closely with the General Manager and accounting department to help the Board of Directors and Executives make informed decisions with regards to its businesses programming and finances. The Vice President Operations and Finance is also the primary contact point for the Health and Dental plan.

The Vice President Student Affairs deals with matters relating to student experience, student advocacy and student representation on campus. The Vice President Student Affairs is also the primary contact point for clubs and oversees the development of URSU club programming. The Vice-President Student Affairs also plays an important role as a student representative by sitting on committees relating to academic and non-academic misconduct, and by representing URSU to URSU’s Student Centres; this includes the Womens’ Centre, URPride, RPIRG and more.

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