Trivia Night
Sep 9th
7pm - 9pm
When in school, it is important to focus on one’s studies buuuuut it’s also important to put that hard-earned education to work. Do both by crushing the competition at Trivia Night hosted by Smarty Pints Pub Trivia. On Thursday, Sept. 9th at 7 pm, you can flex your mental muscles and join the factual fracas on their Twitch channel ( The pressure will be on (...or not, just have fun!) when you compete online in four rounds of energetic, educational, and entertaining trivia as part of Welcome Week 2021, Presented by SaskTel. There might even be a giveaway or two, so there will be more on the line than just bragging rights!

Learn more at

How to play:
1. Join the Twitch Stream on September 9th at 7pm.

2. Open the virtual scorecard at

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