Mini Mosaic
Sep 8th
5pm - 8pm
Riddell Centre Multi Purpose Room
It has been said that one should strive to add a little culture to their life. Well, we’re giving you the chance to add a whole lot of culture at our Mini Mosaic on Sept. 8th, starting at 5pm in the Riddell Centre Multi Purpose Room.

Since 1968, Mosaic - A Festival of Cultures, has run as a three-day festival that celebrates culture in the City of Regina. The event allows many cultures to be showcased and celebrate their history and traditions. Sadly, this year’s Mosaic was cancelled so we’ve partnered with the Regina Multicultural Council to bring a taste of those good times to the University of Regina. Mini-pavilions will be run by volunteers sharing culture and entertainment so immerse yourself in the international appeal of our campus and our community at the Mini Mosaic!

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