CFS stands for Canadian Federation of Students. Each year, students are charged $157,000 annually in membership fees to the CFS but the CFS has not provided any useful services to the University of Regina students since 2014. In fact, the last time they were on our campus in a meaningful fashion was in 2016. In 2012, they closed the CFS Saskatchewan and have been moving our money out of the province, where it was supposed to be used to make student life here better, to Ontario. Your money is better invested here on your campus. With it we could provide more food and other essentials for our URSU Cares Pantry; boost Project, Event and Conference Funding so more students can enhance their education; and provide more focused advocacy and lobbying approaches to benefit all of our students.


Here’s how you can ensure that your money doesn’t go to the CFS anymore. Sign this petition today. To sign the petition, visit the Member Services Desk (RC 221). As an additional incentive, students who sign this petition are automatically entered into a draw to win $5000 towards 2020/2021 tuition.

Click here to view the proposed plebiscite question! Voting will take place March 16th and 17th online at ursu.ca/elections and through UR Self-Service.

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