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rainbow background with the Sexual Health Friday Logo featuring a Unicorn & rainbow with a white health cross in the centre and the text "Sexual Health Friday"

What is Sexual Health Friday?

What is Sexual Health Friday? Hey there University of Regina Students! Welcome back to campus (kind of)! After 18 months of offering sexual health programming online, we’re excited to be offering some in-person events this year. While this is great news, we know that there is still a pandemic happening as well which is why…

What is sexuality?

Here at URSU Sexual Health Outreach, we teach about sexuality – but what does that mean? Sexuality is about more than having physical sex, it also includes physical, chemical, emotional, intellectual, social & cultural aspects.   When we view sex in this way we are able to recognize the importance of our sexuality – even if…

asexuality flag with text that reads what does asexual mean?

What does asexual mean?

What does asexual mean? A few weeks ago, someone asked me to create some content about asexuality because it’s often a topic that isn’t included in sexual health education.  As a sex-positive sex educator, my intention is to educate about all of the ways people engage with their sexuality – this includes talking about folks…

A basket of sex toys spills out on to a yellow background with text that reads "What is sex positivity?"

What is Sex Positivity?

What is Sex Positivity? As a sex educator, my goal is to share information about sex & sexuality without stigma or shame & encourage you to make choices about your sexuality that feel good for you. That’s why I use the term “sex positive” when I describe how I teach about sexuality. The term sex…

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