What kind of passes can I buy?

Any one can buy Monthly Passes, Day Passes, and 10 or 20 Rides.

Monthly Passes last for 31 days and allow you to ride the bus as often as you need within that 31 day period. For example, if you purchase a Monthly Pass on September 3rd, then you can ride the bus as much as you’d like between September 3rd and October 4th (note that September only has 30 days).

Individual Rides can be purchased in sets of 10 or 20. Each ride saves you $0.35 at the adult rates and they never expire.

Please note that many of the pass types are not available at URSU. You may need to visit Regina Transit’s Downtown Information Centre at 2124 11th Ave. For a list of authorized Transit Agents in the city please click here.

How much do they cost?

2020 Fares (Effective January 14, 2020)

Cash Fare 10 Rides 20 Rides Monthly Passes Day/Weekend
Family Pass
Adult $3.25 $29 $55 $88 $10
Youth** $2.75 $24.50 $46 $64 $10
Post-Secondary*** $3.25 $29 $55 $78 $10

**Youth fares apply to riders 5-14 years of age, or high school students with valid Transit ID card. Without proof, adult fares apply.

*** To be eligible for a post-secondary pass, students must be attending a post-secondary institution in Regina. Post-secondary students can only purchase their pass from certain post-secondary institutions or at the Regina Transit Information Centre. Students must show current proof of enrolment at time of purchase. Anytime a Post Secondary R-Card is lost, the student must provide proof of enrolment in order to receive a replacement R-Card.

A Day Pass is valid for one person for one day, Monday to Friday.

A Family Pass is valid for a maximum of 2 adults and 3 children who are 18 years or younger or 1 adult and 4 children on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

What is an R-Card?

The R-Card is a reloadable smart card that can be loaded with pre-paid rides or a monthly pass. The R-Card can be registered to you with Regina Transit to protect the balance of the card from loss or theft, and it can be loaded with both individual rides and a monthly pass at the same time.  R-Cards require an initial deposit of $5 which is paid only when you first get a R-Card or when you need to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged R-Card.

What if I need to transfer?

If you board a second bus within an hour of paying for your original trip, the smart technology in the system will identify your next trip as a transfer. If you pay with coins, you will need to ask the operator for a paper transfer. When paying for more than one fare with the R-Card, the second person must request a paper transfer. You will have to scan your transfer when boarding the second bus to complete your trip.

My question isn’t answered here.

For further information on services provided by the City of Regina, please visit their website.

Which bus should I be taking?

You can use Google Maps transit search function to help figure out  how to get where you are going. If you are not able to use Google maps, you can use paper maps or Transit Live. Transit Live offers real time schedule information on all City buses to allow customers to track the exact location of their bus.

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