URSU helps the planet by promoting a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle for students and community members through services, actions, and sharing information on workshops and helpful tips to reduce the impact one has on the environment. Check out our environmental efforts and click the links at the bottom for more about recycling, composting, gardening, and other ways to help Mother Earth.

One way to help the planet is to fill out our Sustainability Survey. By filling out the Sustainability Survey you’ll be (in the words of the United Nations) “helping build foundations for a thriving, more peaceful, sustainable planet.” The answers provided will help guide URSU and the University of Regina in our decision-making around sustainability projects and how they fit into our strategic plans. Sustainability is a core value of URSU and the University of Regina.

Speaking of value, fill out the Sustainability Survey before June 1st and you could win a gift card from Mortise and Tenon valued at $150, so you could go shopping for some super chic swag designed with the environment in mind.


A staple of every student’s life, our Handbook provides our members with a day planner, semester calendars, and useful information. Each year, we look for ways to have our Handbooks printed more eco-friendly and we use recycled paper and ink. This year we have added a Digital Handbook and a Flipping Book version with enhanced content and links in an effort to reduce printing.

We also reevaluate the amount of pages to print or amount of copies needed, thus informing our decisions regarding how many physical books to order, the information we choose to include, and how we present it to students. The URSU Handbook directs students online for more information and contains QR codes that link to URSU services, recycling tips, and other surprises worth exploring. 




Support and use of RPIRG Green Patch to promote local grocery purchasing to reduce carbon emissions caused by transport and processing.



URSU (well Edgar) makes Recycled Paper notepads for in-office use, these notepads are sourced from old posters, faxes, or other printed materials. These notepads are created in-house reducing the need for purchasing products that would need to be delivered. By reusing paper that has already been printed and reducing transport, URSU reduces its carbon footprint and energy consumption.



City of Regina Recycling General Information


Types of and Tips for Composting – Sask Waste Reduction


Container Gardening


Indoor Herbs


DIY Used Paper Projects:

Easy And Beautiful DIY Projects Made With Old Books


53 Creative Craft Ideas Using Book Pages


21 Things To Make From Old Books



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