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The department is a space for students to organize collectively for a more affordable, more equitable and more accessible post-secondary education, while being supported by the URSU staff team.

Be it fighting to lower tuition fees, working to create new equity services on campus or volunteering on a grassroots campaign on campus, if any of this resonates with you and you want to be part of creating change, then the URSU Advocacy department is the place for you!

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Mohammad Ali Aumeer

Mohammad Ali Aumeer

Director of Advocacy and Campaigns

Nadiya Ekhteraeetoussi

Nadiya Ekhteraeetoussi

VP External Affairs

Advocacy Campaigns

 Fight The Fees

Tuition fees are increasing at an alarming rate as university administrations pass on the increase to students to compensate for reduced provincial funding. The percentage of university funding from the provincial government is now around 45-50% compared to 90% in the 90s.  

Today, a student who must take out a loan will pay over $10,000 more for their education than someone who can afford these high upfront costs. As a result, college and university education is becoming increasingly out of reach for students from low-income backgrounds, who are disproportionately Indigenous, students of colour, trans students, students with disabilities and raised in single-parent homes.  Year after year, campus administrators refuse to advocate alongside students for increased public funding and choose to hike tuition fees as a short-sighted “quick fix” to reduced public funds. 

With all students returning to campus after two years of the pandemic, URSU plans to do outreach with students, conduct focus groups, and engage student volunteers to increase the voice of students and advocate on their behalf to university administration and the provincial government. To get involved in the campaign, please reach out to URSU’s Director of Campaigns and Advocacy, Mohammad Ali Aumeer: advocacy@ursu.ca

Regina SLAC

URSU has launched Regina SLAC (the Regina Student Legal Advocacy Centre) and is providing free legal advice to all U of R and FNUniv students. The free legal advice services for the campus community include direct one-on-one legal support for students regarding work issues, immigration and permit issues, and academic advocacy while providing legal advice and support for student organizations. 


Students face legal issues, such as dealing with landlords, leases, etc. International students especially face problems related to immigration, needing support such as renewing study permits, the pathway to permanent residency, etc. One of the other main issues students face is academic advising or helping students facing disciplinary issues. This service would be beneficial to students to understand and navigate the university bureaucracy. 


To help us shape SLAC, please fill out our survey, which will also enter you in a draw to win a new iPad. And to find out more, or to get involved, please contact URSU’s Director of Campaigns and Advocacy, Mohammad Ali Aumeer :advocacy@ursu.ca

 Fairness for International Students

We at URSU Advocacy also continue to campaign for Fairness for International Students campaign. With the international students’ caucus ISC), students can get directly involved in fighting for their rights and a more affordable education at the U of R. We plan to continue to advocate for the freeze and elimination of international student differential and domestic tuition fees. 

International students make an enormous contribution to institutions and communities, and the presence of international students in classrooms enriches the learning experience. On average, international students pay $22,793.30 per year for a general arts degree in Saskatchewan, an amount close to three times more than domestic students. Eliminating international differential fees for all international students will make the province a more attractive destination for talented learners from around the world. In addition, it will result in more disposable income being spent in the local economy.

To get involved, please contact Harveer Singh, URSU International Students Coordinator

Indigenous Sovereignty Working Group

URSU launched our Indigenous Sovereignty Working Group in Fall 2022. This group recognizes that most of URSU’s members and staff team are settlers and as such, have responsibilities to honour and protect this land, as well as work towards truth and reconciliation from the impacts of colonialism in a tangible and non-performative manner. Therefore, our working group strives to take the lead from our Indigenous members in building projects that support of Indigenous members and also allow for our settler ally members to work towards real change on campus. The working group will also host the ‘Decolonize Our Minds’ conference in January 2023. To get involved with the working group, please reach out to URSU’s Director of Campaigns and Advocacy, Mohammad Ali Aumeer: advocacy@ursu.ca

U R Campus Coalition (URCC)

The U of R Campus Coalition (URCC) coalition is a space where all students, staff and faculty can come together to work around issues related to equity, inclusion, and accessibility. If you want to work with your fellow members of the campus community, then the URCC is the place for you. At our unofficial launch during Welcome Week, we hosted a discussion circle about how settler allies can better support our indigenous students on campus, and this led to the launch of URSU’s Indigenous Sovereignty campaign. We want the URCC to be a space where we can cut through red tape and make real change on campus. If you are committed to fighting for social justice, human rights, and community engagement, then the URCC is the space for you. To get involved with the working group, please reach out to URSU’s Director of Campaigns and Advocacy, Mohammad Ali Aumeer: advocacy@ursu.ca

U of R Labour Fair

URSU is currently investigating how we can launch a Labour Fair at U of R. A Labour Fair emphasizes the added rights and benefits that a union brings into the workplace, how unions help narrow the gap between rich and poor in our society and the importance of unions’ work in defending our social safety net, equity and democracy. The labour fair also highlight struggles against classism, racism, sexism, colonialism, homophobia, heterosexism, discrimination against people with disabilities and other forms of economic and social injustice. 

It is an opportunity for all students at the University of Regina to hear the union’s perspective on the issues they face when they get jobs in the sectors they are training for – the challenges the industry faces and strategies to overcome occupational problems. If you would like a speaker on a specific topic, as long as the topic is related to labour, unions, and/or social justice, please let us know in advance regarding your topic so that we can find a relevant speaker with expertise on the issue. To get involved with the working group, please reach out to URSU’s Director of Campaigns and Advocacy, Mohammad Ali Aumeer: advocacy@ursu.ca

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