The 2023 URSU By-Election has come and gone and students have made the choice to use their voice by voting for their preferred candidates. Below are the winners and you can click here for the final results.  

Here are the candidates who ran for the open spots on the University Council, Executive of Council, and the following positions on the URSU Board of Directors:

  • URSU Faculty Directors
    1. Education:
     Kanwal Humayun
     Charly Brooks WINNER

    2. La Cite:
     Harsh Shah
    Chioma Emefiena  WINNER

    3. Luther College
    Abdallah Al Jaedy

     Nabeera Saddiqi WINNER

    URSU Constituency Directors
    1. International Students
     Pathey Sevak
     Kanusika Kalaichekan WINNER

    University Council (ALL CANDIDATES ACCLAIMED)
    1. La Cité
     Chioma Emefiena
    2. Nursing
     Ramsha Sultan
    3. Science (10 positions)
     Nabeera Saddiqi

For more information, please contact the Chief Returning Officer at cro@ursu.ca.

Now that they are elected the successful candidates will be a driving force behind URSU’s mission to “provide students high quality supports, services, opportunities, and advocacy.” They will be responsible for ensuring that all students have a fun, safe and healthy time at their university. Use your passion and perspective to elevate the voices of students at the U of R, its Federated Colleges, and Satellite Campuses, by getting involved in the URSU 2023 By-Election!

Below you will find the video from this year’s Candidate Forum, check it out to hear what the elected candidates will do for students.




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