URSU acts as a conduit for student representation at the University of Regina and within the community. We provide students opportunities to lead and be heard. Our services and programs contribute to a safe, healthy and fulfilling university experience. Everyone at URSU works to provide a caring community where every student can feel connected and thrive.

We believe that our programs and partnerships form the basis of our community. We find strength through our connections and collaborations with others. Our pledge is to provide responsible, transparent, and honest management of the resources and people entrusted to us.

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Whether through coordinating social events or creating social enlightenment, URSU provides what our members ask for — giving students the services they seek and the support they need. In that tradition, the Students’ Union has strived to help students have a social impact globally and make social connections with that go beyond locally.

If we can establish an atmosphere in which every individual feels a part of the university—an atmosphere in which the student can participate in and establish an identity in—an atmosphere in which the learning experience extends beyond the classroom and laboratory—then we have accomplished something important.”

Don Mitchell, SRC president 1967

With an earnest drive to enhance the university experience, the knowledgeable staff at URSU respond to requests from students and the student-run Executive Committee. In some capacities, the staff and management act as mentors while taking direction from student leaders as how to best serve URSU members. This dialogue ensures that new student leaders can get up to speed quickly in their roles and effectively engage with students. Together, staff, management, and Executive Committee members work to offer a wide range of supports and services to its members delivered with consistent care and a personal touch.

Along with providing valuable support services for students, the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) is responsible for defending students’ rights through lobbying, advocacy and activism. The Students’ Union pushes for legislation or programs that aim to improve students’ lives. Examples being: affordable housing, lower tuition, student tax credits and job creation, among others. With the goal of improving students’ experiences, the Students’ Union works with governments and other organizations to provide students with affordable, quality education while also holding those organizations accountable for actions deemed detrimental to students.

With over 15,000 members, the University of Regina Students’ Union reflects the diversity of its campus and of its students. The Students’ Union also supports, through funding and/or materials, student groups and support centres like the UR Pride Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity, the Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG), and the Women’s Centre, so that all students can get advice or educate themselves on issues they are passionate about. URSU is also Local 9 of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and was a founding member of the CFS as part of the Saskatchewan component.

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