Meet Pedram Monfared, URSU VP Operations & Finance 2022-2023! ⁠

Hello students! My name is Pedram (he/him) and I am a graduate student of the department of Engineering and Applied Science, as the URSU’s VP Operations and Finance. As a student I know the challenges that each student is dealing with and am trying to solve student problems to ease the way, especially for newcomers. I aim to fight against racism and all forms of⁠
discrimination by educating people. Moreover, my plans for the year include creating a conference for the empowerment of gender gender-diverse and fundraising for causes related to cancer.⁠

Prior to joining the UofR, I graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in my home country, Iran. I have several years of work experience in industry in Iran and Canada. I also am in love with nature and sports. I like to travel, hike, swim, snowboard, and fish.⁠

If you ever have questions, concerns, or even ideas for how we can make the campus a better place for everyone, you can reach out to me via email at⁠

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