Get to know Nadiya Ekhteraeetoussi, URSU VP External Affairs for 2022-2023.

Hello, students! I am the Vice President of External Affairs, and my name is Nadiya (she/her). I was an active URSU board member as Director of Education last year. I have multiple local, regional, provincial, and national ties to numerous Saskatchewan student and Regina-based communities. My outlook for the coming year is one of friendship, cultivation, and commitment; public affairs; collaborations; and philanthropic zeal. This year, I am focusing on identifying opportunities for student involvement in advocacy, events, entertainment, and committees.⁠

In addition, I am a Researcher and Educational Leadership Ph.D. student in my second year. I am an experienced teacher and educational supervisor, as well as a member of the executive committee for conferences and congresses. Strong emphasis in my studies is placed on EDIA and women’s fields, as well as charitable organizations, single parents, orphanages, and child care. I am also interested in and have participated in volunteer work and assistance for students’ dignity and well-being. I enjoy reading and spending time with my family during my free time. As a Saskatchewan resident, I reside in Treaty 4 territory.⁠

You can contact me via email at or at the URSU office with any questions or requests for assistance.

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