Mental Health Services For School, For Life

School can be rough and life can get tough but you’re tougher. It might not feel like it all the time but you are, the tough also suffer and they know when to ask for help. There’s no magic formula to feeling better but there are services, experts, and people just like you that you can turn to when you think you’re alone. Whether you call it a struggle, a journey, or just living, here are some groups and individuals that care about you and can help when you feel helpless.

​​Your Students’ Union recognizes the extent to which mental health affects your performance, your relationships, every aspect of your life. Science proves if you ignore your mental health, even your brain anatomy can change. With a Mental Health Assessment from mywellness, you can assess your mental health in 5-10 minutes and immediately access tools for stress reduction and for managing your symptoms. It’s free and anonymous and part of being a member of the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU).

What is mywellness? Mywellness is a central resource providing students of the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges access to mental health and wellness information and supports. The information and tools available through mywellness have been developed to assist students in increasing and/or sustaining optimal health, so they can maintain a productive and positive lifestyle while completing their studies.

The URSU Student Advocate is a here to assist those who are experiencing difficulties. Their main areas of service are financial and academic advocacy. They are also a source of referrals or support for victims of Sexual Assault, those dealing with Mental Health Issues or those seeking Personal Support. The Student Advocate is there for you in times of crisis, but also helps you manage issues before they become a crisis. Please send an email to to book an appointment.

The First Nations University of Canada offers Counselling Services to students and staff. They offer individual counselling sessions to help support students as they work through personal challenges that impede their ability to succeed at school and in other areas of their lives.

ta-tawâw Student Centre (formerly Aboriginal Student Centre) is a respectful and welcoming place that encourages student empowerment, identity, community connection and Indigenous ways of learning. Kookum Brenda is available for students if they require support, please contact the and staff can direct you.

The University of Regina Counselling Services provide accessible, evidence-based, and inclusive clinical services to a diverse student community. The UofR Mental Health Hub is an online space where students, staff, and faculty can find mental wellness initiatives and programs that support physical and mental well-being. Those looking for more information can contact Mental Health Advisor Rob MacCaffrey. The U of R has an Online Therapy Unit provides online clinical treatment programs to individuals experiencing mental health difficulties, with a primary focus on depression and anxiety as these are prevalent, disabling, and under-treated conditions.

The UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity operates the Resilience Group, which is an adult-oriented social support group for those who are transgender, gender diverse, or interested in exploring their gender. It runs Wednesdays over Zoom from 5pm to 6pm! For more information, email UR Pride is also the administrator of Monarch Mental Health. Through Monarch, they provide clinical counselling to gender and sexually diverse children, youth and adults, as well as their families and loved ones.

The role of Luther Chaplain Sean Bell is broadly defined and assists in areas of student and staff support, community organizing, themes of justice, Christian Worship, and Multifaith dialog. It is the role of chaplaincy to make sure that everyone gets to where they are going. The Chaplaincy is for all people and holds Worship services for Christians along with providing space for people of all faiths and no faith.

Everyone, regardless of faith tradition or academic background, is welcome to visit the Campion College Campus Ministry office. Students do not have to be Roman Catholic to attend Campion College or to use the services of the Campus Ministry office which includes personal counselling. For more information, please contact Kelly Bourke, Campus Minister.

It has been said that looking after one’s mental health (and maintaining one’s emotional stability) is a journey, but it’s not one done in a singular fashion/manner. There isn’t one way of doing it and it’s not done alone. Most of all it involves you and takes shape when you know what is available to allow you to use your power to be the me you want to be.

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