Saskatchewan Government Announces Modest Increase in Post-Secondary Education

The Government of Saskatchewan announced a $740 million budget, which amounts to a 2.6% decrease in spending when adjusted to inflation (in 2021).

Tuition fees at the University of Regina increased by 4% last year, and in some programs, the increase was 6%. “For our members, the students at the University of Regina, this budget means a mere 1.1% increase in spending,” said URSU President Hannah Tait. “While FNU students will see no increase in spending and University of Saskatchewan students will see a decrease of 0.3%.” The investments mainly come in the form of capital investment projects, with no new support at all for skyrocketing tuition fees.

“Students both need and deserve more debt relief,” said Tait. “After the last couple of years of the pandemic, post-secondary institutions need additional funding to sustain the services and support the increased enrollment.”

“URSU calls for an increase in operating and capital grants to meet the needs of our membership.”

URSU also calls on the Saskatchewan Government to provide direct support to students through upfront non-repayable grants instead of tax credits after graduation.

URSU also calls on students at the University of Regina to join us in our campus rally calling for the lowering of all tuition fees in Saskatchewan. The rally will take place on Thursday Mar 31, 2022 at 12:00, in front of the main entrance of the Riddell Centre.

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