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On March 29th and 30th, students of the University of Regina, its Federated Colleges, and satellite campuses, voted on whether they support a per-credit per-semester fee to fund a Student Legal Advocacy Centre. And whether they support the creation of and membership in a Saskatchewan Provincial Students Union, which will be funded by a per-semester fee. The referenda questions, results, FAQs, and a full breakdown of the proposed budgets can be found below.

2022 Referendum Questions (Official Results)

1. Do you support a $1.5 dollar per credit per semester fee indexed to CPI to provide Legal Advocacy and Advocacy services to students through the funding of the Regina Student Legal Advocacy Centre?”

NO –  604 Votes (72.9%)

YES – 225 Votes (27.1%)

ABSTAIN – 219 Votes (20.9%)

2. Do you support the creation of and membership in the Saskatchewan Provincial Students Union, to advocate for the interest of students at the provincial level, for $2.5 per semester indexed to CPI?

NO –  613 Votes (74.9%)

YES – 205 Votes (25.1%)

ABSTAIN – 205 Votes (25.1%)

Referenda  Documents (In Favour)

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Referenda  Documents (Opposed)

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