Who is URSU? Hrithik Aggarwal (he/him) Lazy Owl Kitchen Supervisor

Hrithik Aggarwal (he/him) Lazy Owl Kitchen Supervisor

Hrithik Aggarwal (he/him) Lazy Owl Kitchen Supervisor

What is your position at the Lazy Owl?

I am Kitchen Supervisor at the Lazy Owl.

What does your week usually involve in regards to work?

With regards to work, I perform various tasks like training new people, also keeping an eye on food quality, and taking care of food safety.

Are you a student?

I was previously a University of Regina student but I graduated in 2019 and have been working since then.

How will this job help you in the future and right now?

I was always attracted towards the hospitality industry as a whole and would like to open a restaurant in future. This place provides me with a blueprint of how a restaurant and business functions.

What do you like most about working at the Lazy Owl?

I really love the staff at the Lazy Owl, they all are really supportive and motivated towards the fun which makes a cool environment back in the kitchen.

Working here taught me a lot about food and spices as far as how they get along. [Kitchen Manager] Ryan [Katchuk] always teaches something new that really helps me to expand my knowledge about food.

What are the biggest challenges or obstacles?

There are no such obstacles while working here, to be honest. Everyone working around here is really cooperative and understanding.

How does your work benefit the students of the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges? How does it benefit the community?

I have been working here since September 2018, when I was a student and I worked full time as a student as well. So I think if any student from the University of Regina wants to work here they can work more than 20 hours which can help them with all their student loans and bills. And in benefit of the community the Lazy Owl provides a free pantry and free breakfast to the students and a lot of other people. 

What have you learned during your time working with the Lazy Owl?

I learned a lot while working here. It is really nice to work around such an experienced manager who guides me a lot. I am hoping to open a restaurant of my own in the coming few years, and I guess working here will really help me out with everything.

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