Recap of the 2021 URSU AGM

Students of the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges gathered online on November 17th to hear from members of the URSU Executive Committee and staff at the 2021 URSU Annual General Meeting. The evening featured reports from the Executive Committee, the presentation of the yearly financial statements, and finished off with a Question and Answer session where we took questions from the audience. For those who were unable to attend, we have compiled a summary below and we invite you to visit for more information.



Since 2020, we have connected with emerging student leaders through the “Coffee with Executives” events. Any student who has questions about URSU or is passionate about student issues is welcome to reach out to us.

In conjunction with the President’s Advisory Committee, we are working to establish a formal handbook to ensure URSU and Society relationships are mutually beneficial and supportive through information sharing, financial support, administrative support and other transition considerations.

In January, we are planning to have a full event schedule for Winter Welcome Week, including a keynote speech with Senator Mobina Jaffer.

As you may know, URSU represents members from campuses in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Historically, we have not been able to connect as well as we would like with these campuses and students. Building our relationship with rural and remote students will be a priority with hybrid program offerings and in-person visits for consultation and collaboration. We are dedicated to rebuilding the relationship with the First Nations University Students’ Association by providing the community fridge program on the FNUniv campus, connecting with their executive members regularly regarding the fee share agreement, and strategies to support Indigenous students in a comprehensive way.



We hope to integrate Indigenous governance and traditional practices into URSU’s governance structures to better serve Indigenous members. We have worked with the First Nations University Student Associations in Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon to ensure a balance of autonomy, while still accessing URSU’s services and programs. URSU Executives, staff and board have also been attending learning opportunities and have been getting involved in events celebrating and recognizing Indigenous culture, as well as mourning for the unmarked graves.

Students are facing largely unconsidered challenges in the increasingly digital learning environment. Even with the return to campus, digital spaces and tools must be considered and cultivated to protect students’ rights to quality education, privacy, confidentiality. To address these needs, URSU is establishing a Digital Advisory Committee and any interested students can contact us to get involved.

URSU has paid special attention to our hiring practices. We initiated conversations to employ more students in general, but also students with equity considerations. We have been coordinating with Campus for All which has allowed URSU to work with members of our community. URSU Executives also led URSU’s Career Fair Booth and student employment events to improve members’ understanding of employment opportunities. All this means more employment opportunities for students and more chances to earn money while they study.



URSU will be working on a rally for international students on reducing tuition fees in February as we continue to combat Anti-Asian racism and Anti-Islamophobia in our institutions and interactions.

We are excited to announce that our ‘ULead’ leadership and governance training program will be launched this Winter semester. This program will be open to members and board members. We hope to empower members to engage in URSU affairs and create change in and after school.

Also this fall, our board approved terms of reference for a tuition advocacy task force to further research and understand the impact of high tuition costs, create a plan to address it and initiate strategies.

We were pleased to see members voted resoundingly in favour of the resolutions on Indigenous Governance and Justice for International Students. For more information on thee motions, please click here.

These are just some snippets of the steps your Students’ Union is taking to represent you better. Please head to for more information including the full Executive Reports. As always, please feel free to reach out to us at

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