Community Roots Garden Provides More than Food…but also Provides a LOT of Food

Words would not do justice to the bounty from the URSU Community Roots Project but we’ll try anyway. The efforts put in by our staff and volunteers have brought more than just food to the table, it has also brought smiles to the faces of
students and stability to their stomachs.
Tastebud popping peppers, colossal cabbages, and enviable eggplant are just some of the treasures unearthed so far. This upstart utopia is a boon to those pondering an empty spoon as it is an opportunity to feed people in need but also nurture the next crop of gardeners and growers through eye-opening education and inspiring involvement. The garden benefits folks in more ways as volunteering provides an invigorating outdoor activity sprinkled with a bit of social interaction in a setting that will welcome the most world-weary wallflower.
What started as bare planters and a shed has quickly become a valuable asset in the fight against food insecurity. The higher temperatures have led to eye-popping peppers being produced along with other gorgeous greens. There’s hearty kale for smoothies or breakfast bowls, cabbage for salads and stir-fries, and a lot more sumptuous sprouts to fill out that fridge.
Our vigilant volunteers have been hard at work in our community garden located beside the Regina Food Bank, who as always have been a HUGE HELP. We would not have been able to fill up the planters if it were not for the compost worms from Prairie Worm Works and the seeds from West Coast Seeds. The garden provides vegetables and herbs for those who attend the URSU Cares Pantry. Whatever our volunteers harvest ends up in the (reusable) bags of students starving for healthy AND affordable food. We are so proud of the work put in by our staff and volunteers and can’t wait to share more in the future.
The growing season is almost over but students can volunteer at the URSU Cares Pantry and other food security initiatives coordinated by your Students’ Union. Email to find out how you can help out.
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