Who is URSU? Mathieu Gauvin (he/him) URSU La Cité Director

Mathieu Gauvin (he/him) URSU La Cité Director

Mathieu Gauvin (he/him) URSU La Cité Director

What is your position at the University of Regina Students’ Union?

I am the student director for La Cité.

What does your work week usually involve?

While maintaining a five-class schedule I am also starting my pre-internship come October. In addition to school, I also work part time at the Montessori School of Regina. 

What year of study are you in currently and in which faculty are you enrolled?

I am currently in year 4 of 5 of the BAC program, which is the french education program at the university

What would you like to do as an occupation in the future?

My goal is to be a high school french and history teacher and hope to one day teach overseas

How will this position help you in that field in the future and right now?

Being a part of the student union is a great way to build up my skills for becoming a teacher. Getting involved is so important as a university student to help separate school from the rest of your life and being a part of this group allows me to focus on helping others around the university.

How does your work benefit the students of the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges? How does it benefit the community?

Being that my program is very small I am able to connect with more students then other directors could. I try to be a voice when needed for the francophone community and have made myself known around the faculty that I am available for discussion about any issues or ideas students may have.

What do you like the most about your position? 

I love the sense of community within La Cité so being a representative for such a small program is very cool.

What do you like most about working at URSU?
I love the sense of community brought by URSU. I feel like I can genuinely help students and I take pride in knowing our decisions are helping students. 

What are the biggest challenges or obstacles?

The biggest challenge for me in university is organizing my time. There is a lot that needs to be done as a university student and trying to balance that and your social life can be exhausting.

What have you learned during your time so far with URSU?

I have learned to trust the process. Big changes cannot happen overnight but when people work together it makes things easier for everyone.

Why did you run for a position in the Students’ Union?

I wanted to gain experiences that I knew I would remember and do something a little out of my comfort zone.

How do you want to help students?

I want to be a voice for the francophone community within the university.

What are your plans to achieve this?

By continuing to be involved within the program and being a person students can come to voice concerns.

How can students help?

Speak French, be passionate about good change and voice concerns about any issue.

You could join the URSU Board of Directors by running in the 2021 URSU By-Election, visit ursu.ca/elections for more information.


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