What is Sexual Health Friday?

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What is Sexual Health Friday?

Hey there University of Regina Students! Welcome back to campus (kind of)!

After 18 months of offering sexual health programming online, we’re excited to be offering some in-person events this year. While this is great news, we know that there is still a pandemic happening as well which is why we’re taking an optimistically cautious hybrid approach to our events allowing you to participate in person or online.

Our first event is happening on September 10th and will happen once a month for the Fall, Winter & Spring Semesters. It’s called Sexual Health Friday! (hashtag #tgishf)

Every Friday, before you head out with your friends, out on a date, or to a party – we’re encouraging you to think about sex … and sexual health.

Once a month join UR Pride, ta-tawâw Student Centre, Planned Parenthood Regina & URSU Sexual Health Outreach for an event that is part sexual health clinic, part panel discussion, part q&a (and totally entertaining). Sexual Health Friday is a hybrid event that will be happening every month on Zoom and, in person, on campus.

Join us at 12 pm to listen to our panel discussion and get your sexual health questions answered, stay or login at 1 pm to request a private breakout room with our Nurse, Angela Stewart, from Planned Parenthood Regina for STI Screening, pregnancy testing, or birth control consultation or prescriptions.

If you’re on campus, you can drop by and see us in College West at Room CW117 between 1 pm-3 pm. We’ll have our information booth set up in the hallway where you can pick up some safer sex supplies and one of our “stick it to stigma” stickers to support us in de-stigmatizing all things sexual health by sharing a picture of your sticker on social media and using our hashtag #tgishf

Angela will also be available to anyone on campus who wants an in-person appointment for STI screening, pregnancy testing, or to chat about birth control.

If you happen to be on campus, you’re welcome to join us at the ta-tawâw Student Centre in Research and Innovation Centre, Room 108 to catch the discussion panel live or stop in to see kēr from UR Pride who will have H.I.V self-testing kits available.

For all in-person activities, please follow the University of Regina Covid-19 guidelines for vaccinations or testing, self-assessment for symptoms, social distancing & masking.

All clinic services are discreet, judgement-free, and 2slgbtqia+ affirming. Students who wish to access the on-campus clinic services do not need to have a Saskatchewan health care card.

We’re excited to share Sexual Health Friday with you this year!


We’re also excited for you to meet our Sexual Health Friday educators, clinic nurses & hosts:

Angela Stewart (she/her), Planned Parenthood Nurse

Angela is a sex-positive registered nurse who is passionate about reproductive rights. She believes that everyone should be able to make choices about their bodies and sex lives. She has been working at Planned Parenthood Regina for 3 years and a volunteer with the Regina Sexual Assault Centre for 6 years. Angela aims to help people have positive sexual experiences and feel more comfortable talking to medical providers about sexual health concerns. She enjoys camping with her large family and sipping an old-fashioned while watching live music.

Angela sits at a desk in a clinic room. There is a bed behind her and she is looking through paperwork with a smile on her face.


Taryn Wahl (they/her), Planned Parenthood Sex Educator

Taryn Wahl (they/she) is a pleasure-based and pro-choice sexual health educator at Planned Parenthood Regina on Treaty 4 Territory. As a self-professed queer nerd, they aim to share medically accurate information about sexuality that dismantles shame and stigma. They get off on busting myths and having conversations that increase connection, confidence, and safety.

Taryn is wearing glasses and looking toward the camera out of the corner of their eye- they have a lip piercing and a slight smile on their face.


Taylor Soderberg (she/her), Student Intern ta-tawâw Student Centre

Taylor is a Métis woman who is studying Human Justice at the U of R in her third year of study. Taylor has a particular interest in social justice and making sure everyone feels safe in their communities and social injustices are fought against. She loves the arts and has a background in dancing, acting, and playing the ukulele. She loves to thrift and makes new things out of something preloved. Taylor is extremely excited to be participating in important conversations such as these. She aims to stop stigma around topics that can be seen as controversial and allow people to open up and have a safe space to discuss them.

Taylor is looking at the camera wearing a hat & animal print dangle earrings. Her hand is holding the brim of her hat.

Brendan Campbell (they/them) Campus Programs Manager, UR Pride

Brendan is a non-binary (they/them) mixed Cree person born and (mostly) raised in Regina. Brendan considers themselves to be a dual citizen of Montreal Lake Cree Nation and Cowessess First Nation, though settler-colonialism defines them as a “Canadian” with “Indian Status” through Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

In 2014, they moved to Nogojiwanong (Peterborough) on the Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg Territory to attend Trent University and pursue a B.A. in Indigenous Environmental Studies. Their life on Nishnaabeg territory included student and climate justice organizing and making connections with so many amazing people around the world. In July 2019, they returned home and in December 2020 started working as the Campus Programs Manager for UR Pride.

Robin Hilton (she/her), Sex Educator URSU

Robin is a Sex Educator, Pleasure Coach & Yoga Instructor. . She was born & raised in Alberta and found her way home to Treaty 4 territory as a way to stay connected to her maternal ancestral roots on the prairies. She arrived soon after her first daughter was born, staying to have two more daughters who are now 13, 16, & 19. Robin graduated from University of Calgary in 1996 with a degree in Women’s Studies and later went on to study sexuality in an intensive 600 hour coaching program in 2017. Robin is a queer, feminist, pro-choice, sex positive, 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming, trauma informed educator with an intersectional, justice oriented approach to sexual health & embodiment.

robin is wearing a burgundy shirt, sitting on the ground with a white background. She's smiling directly at the camera.

If you spot us on campus, don’t hesitate to say “hi” and introduce yourself and make sure you check out Sexual Health Friday!

Also, don’t forget to ask us about the “stick it to stigma” campaign – we’re giving away these super cool stickers that you can stick to your notebook, cell phone case, or laptop and share with your friends on social media. Our intention is to let everyone know that talking about our sexual health can be fun, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable or awkward at times. Feel free to use our hashtag #tgishf (thank goodness it’s Sexual Health Friday) to share your stickers!

Here is when our Fall Semester Sexual Health Friday events are happening: 

September 10th – Consent & Ask us Anything 

October 1st – Intersectionality & Sexual Health

November 5th – Self Esteem & Bodies 

December 3rd – Sexual Self Care, Awkward Questions & taking care of our bodies 


Sexual Health Friday Feb. 11th -“Stick it to Stigma” –  Join the Discord Channel

See you on campus or online!  

If you have any questions that you’d like us to answer during our event, you can submit them here with the code: #630129

Questions submitted are anonymous & will be answered at our next Sexual Health Friday event. 


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