2021 URSU Budget Shows Expanded Support for Students

Despite COVID-19 closures, campus restrictions, and social distancing protocols, URSU is pleased to release its 2021 – 2022 Draft Budget, which provides new services for students and no increase in student fees for the 2021-2022 school year. This budget will be submitted to the Board of Directors of URSU for approval at the August 10th meeting of the board.

“Our team has worked hard to ensure the events of the pandemic and campus restrictions would not create additional financial pressure on our members,” said Harveer Singh, Vice-President of Operations & Finance.

In recognition of the ever-changing needs of our members, URSU would like to note the continued emphasis on new services and growing existing student supports, including:

  • More funds for COVID-19 grants,
  • A revitalized Advocacy Department to take on member’s needs related to campaigns, advocacy, political action, and government relations,
  • Additional student jobs in addition to the existing student positions.

Senior Management is excitedly finalizing The Owl Reopening plan. The Owl has not been sitting idle during the last year though as it was integral in the operation of the Western Hockey League (WHL) tournament bubble. More importantly, The Owl staff were hard at work launching Panette Bakery, which has distribution deals with three local businesses and an online ordering system in the works

During the last year, URSU also expanded the URSU Cares Pantry by adding more dates while implementing a community garden program (Community Roots) and a community fridge program on campus.

“This budget is an effort to show how our priorities are developing and working to better support our members,” said Hannah Tait, President of URSU. “We hope to continue to build on this adaptive, member-centric budget by continuing to engage members on these important decisions and discussions.”

With these adaptations, additions, and expansions, URSU is more than ever a union for students.

URSU is focusing on student advocacy, providing student jobs, and working to meet the needs of students. URSU is YOUR students’ union, and as we grow into the students’ union you want and deserve, we are eager for your voices to be heard as we take on this work.

Students, we invite you to share your thoughts by emailing exec@ursu.ca, and please attend the meeting on Tuesday, August 10th (link below) to hear the presentation!

To register for the Board meeting please visit this link: https://ca.cglink.me/2g6/r241

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