Who is URSU? Monica Gohm (she/her) URSU Accountant

Monica Gohm (she/her) URSU Accountant smiles during a staff photo, behind her is a black curtain.

Monica Gohm (she/her) URSU Accountant smiles during a staff photo, behind her is a black curtain.

What does your week usually involve in regards to work?

Issuing accounts payables/receivables, bursaries, and grants. Deposits and reconciliations.

How does your work benefit the students of the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges? How does it benefit the community?

My work provides students with receiving financial support in a timely manner and maintaining the information required to determine URSU’s budgets. I provide financial services to support the union and its members by ensuring that bills are paid, misappropriation of funds does not occur, and funds are accounted for so that URSU can continue to operate with a strong financial position so we have the ability to provide critical services for our students.

What do you like the most about your job?

Its stability.

What do you like most about working at URSU?

The positive and supportive environment, my co-workers, and the flexibility of hours that I need to be in the office.  As a single mother, this is very important to me in order to have a work-life balance and to ensure that I can always be available to my children when needed.

What are the biggest challenges or obstacles?

Having worked in the field for over 15yrs, the lack of challenge and monotony can trigger feelings of being stagnant.

What have you learned during your time working with URSU?

I’ve learnt that there are many students that face unexpected challenges of varying degrees and often without the financial support of URSU may have had to withdraw from their studies in order to meet their basic needs for food and housing. URSU provides many critical services for students such as the pantry, health & dental coverage, advocacy, emergency bursaries, career development grants, and so much more that allows for our students to feel supported through their studies. URSU is here for the students to offer support in any capacity that we can and I’m honoured to be a part of this amazing team.

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