Fill Out the Sustainability Survey, Save the Planet!

Another online survey? Seems sus…stainable *silence except for crickets chirping*

You could be hearing more than crickets if you help the planet. You could be hearing more bees buzzing and birds chirping if you, us, and everyone lived in a more sustainable manner. One way you can do that is to tell us at the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) how we can operate more eco-friendly or help others do the same. How do you do that?

Fill out the Sustainability Survey on UniVerse found here:

The answers provided will help guide the URSU and the University of Regina in our decision-making around sustainability projects and how they fit into our strategic plans. Sustainability is a core value of URSU and the University of Regina.

Speaking of value, fill out the survey before June 1st  and you could win a gift card from Mortise and Tenon valued at $150, so you could go shopping for some super chic swag designed with the environment in mind. 

By filling out the Sustainability Survey you’ll be (in the words of the United Nations) “helping build foundations for a thriving, more peaceful, sustainable planet.”

We could say by filling out the survey you’re planting the seeds of change (oops guess we just did) but what you’ll actually be doing is giving your perspective on how we as an organization and a community can help the planet. Letting us know how you feel on topics like Reduced Inequalities; Sustainable Cities and Communities; and Responsible Consumption and Production. Your answers can lead us to ways we can reduce waste, grow more food, or…we don’t know! We are looking for our members to point us in a direction that can guide future students when they want to make Mother Earth proud.   

Check out the survey at this link or in our Insta Bio, and remember to fill it out before June 1st to be entered for the Mortise & Tenon gift card.



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