Saving Makes Cents – Visit the Student Savings page on

Students struggle just to make ends meet, with or without a pandemic, so we’ve compiled a variety of local businesses, well-known brands, and other services that help you save on everything you need to excel at academics and engage with your community.

Being a student means there’s little time to work and even less time to look for deals on what you want to buy (cool stuff), let alone need to buy (school stuff). That’s why your Students’ Union has compiled a bunch of different deals and a selection of savings for students to take advantage of. Some help you afford the latest software upgrade or computer model, while others help you navigate your educational journey (and life). Every bit saved helps your wallet and, in the end, helps your wellbeing.

Visit to start saving today.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A large steel safe door is closed and in front of it are stacks of gold coins/loonies. To the left are the URSU logo and text that reads “Student Savings, because savings…turn into a fortune.”

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