Show Some Love with URSU Awards 2021

This has been a school year like no other: you’ve self-isolated, attended classes remotely, and continued your educational journey during a pandemic. You’ve also overcome the challenges of living in COVID times, you’ve adapted academically, expanded emotionally, and connected across the social distance. We know the effort you’ve been giving and the successes you’ve achieved. Now is the time to celebrate the hard work done throughout the year by professors, support staff, students, alumni, or your BFF!

Tell that special someone you appreciate the way they make student life better. By nominating them in the 2021 URSU Awards. Tell them they’re a star in your eyes and give some recognition to a friend, a faculty member, or Fred the guy who helped dig out your car the other day. Please note Fred, like all other nominees, must be registered as a U of R student; current faculty member; or an employee of the University or a certified tenant.

You can vote for your favourite person in a number of categories including Teaching Excellence Awards, Student Society of the Year Award, and University Department Award.

Nominees, and nominators (yes you heard that), will receive gift cards and prizes from local businesses, university organizations, and your Students’ Union. Award Winners will get $200 worth of prizes and nominators get entered to win a $50 gift card.

We see the storms of stress you’ve weathered and we want to highlight the extraordinary efforts from the entire University of Regina community so nominate someone today!

Head to to see the full list of categories.

Find the nomination form here:

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Graphic for URSU Awards 2021, the logo is a gold elongated kite-shaped trophy with a circle at the top so it resembles a person, in the kite-shaped part is a star. In the background, gold stars are visible on a burgundy backdrop.

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