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Your Students’ Union recognizes the extent to which mental health affects your performance, your relationships, every aspect of your life. Science proves if you ignore your mental health, even your brain anatomy can change. With a Mental Health Assessment from mywellness, you can assess your mental health in 5-10 minutes and immediately access tools for stress reduction and for managing your symptoms. It’s free and anonymous and part of being a member of the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU)!

What is mywellness?

Mywellness is a central resource providing students of the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges access to mental health and wellness information and supports. The information and tools available through mywellness have been developed to assist students in increasing and/or sustaining optimal health, so they can maintain a productive and positive lifestyle while completing their studies.

mywellness was specifically developed with the Canadian post-secondary student in mind and focuses on the full cycle of support including awareness, education, and care. Awareness: Information events and on-campus marketing campaigns Education: Toolbox, Online Mental Health Assessment, Personal Action Plan Care: Online counselling and referrals to resources both on campus and in the community.

Can anyone see the results of my assessment?

No. Not only is your mywellness account completely anonymous and confidential, but only you will have access to your assessment results (Personal Action Plan). It is up to you if you wish to share this information with anyone.

About the Online Counselling Module:

One of the biggest developments of mywellness has been the online video counselling add-on. After supporting students through awareness and assessment, navigating them to the appropriate care that is right for them, is the next step. Students can assess mental health professionals through secure and confidential online video counselling, with the highest level of security and encryption available today. This option is affordable and extremely easy to use. Students will be matched with counsellors most suited to their needs. Their mental health assessment can seamlessly link to their counselling notes as well, to enhance the match and care. Our path leads students from awareness to care.

Where can I get more information about mywellness?

Mywellness has a fully dedicated staff located across the country that can assist you in achieving your goals of not just maintaining your sanity but obtaining optimal mental health.

For more information, please visit or contact:

URSU Member Services

Email:      Phone: 1-306-586-8811 ext. 201

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