Community Service Month Begins Today

URSU is committed to helping students but your Students’ Union is also committed to helping students help others. In this spirit of enriching lives on and off campus, the University of Regina Students’ Union is proud to announce that it is partnering with passion2action to make March 2021 Community Service Month for students of the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges.
During Community Service Month, community service projects can be proposed by an individual or group, but must be led by at least one current U of R student. Please note that the application form must be submitted by the current U of R student.
URSU is excited to help students support those around them and eager to see what impact their ideas will have on the world. To find out more about the microgrant program, please visit the following link, which is also in our Insta Bio @reginastudentsunion:
Project teams can request up to $1000 in funding as part of the Community Service Month microgrant program. For larger projects requiring more funds, current U of R students should consider applying through the PEC funding system.
Here are some examples of projects that could be funded by micro-grants during Community Service Month:
-Care Packages
-Peer Support
-Cultural Workshops
-Tutoring Support
-Online Social Event
Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout Community Service Month in March 2021. There is no deadline to apply, but we encourage you to apply early as funds are limited.
About passion2action:
The mission of passion2action is to empower Saskatchewan’s youth with the skills, resources, and opportunities they need to take action on the causes for which they are passionate. They focus on skill development to help young people build a comprehensive leadership toolkit to draw upon. passion2action works with its partners to make resources available for young people and remove barriers to their action. For more info visit:
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