URSU and CFS-SK Partner to Assist Students in Need in Achieving Academic Success

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the daily lives of many globally and locally. For University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) members, who are the students of the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges, it has meant a difficult transition to distance learning as access to campus has become restricted and lecture halls have been closed.

The shift to online classes has forced students who previously relied on computer equipment available on campus to use outdated tech at home or find alternative access from other public centres. Use of new technology in remote program delivery and exam invigilation has meant that many students have been forced to upgrade their computer systems. Unfortunately, not all students are fortunate enough to be able to make such upgrades given the many pressures they face as a result of the current pandemic. In an effort to remove technological limitations and improve the ability of students to succeed in their educational journeys, URSU has partnered with Computers for Schools Saskatchewan and has launched the URSU Computer Rehoming Initiative.

Applications will be vetted by the Student Advocate (or VP Student Affairs). Computers allocated through the program are refurbished and tested for proper operating condition. All computer hard drives have been wiped, reformatted and are ready to use. URSU is not liable for repairs or upgrades on computers. For the details of the program, please visit ursu.ca/rehoming.

This partnership benefits the environment by keeping viable technology in circulation and reduces the need to buy new products. By connecting struggling students with underused equipment, URSU is able to offer a valuable service in an eco-friendly way and maintain its mandate to operate in an environmentally mindful manner.

About Computers for Schools

Computers for Schools – Saskatchewan has provided more than 70,000 computers in Saskatchewan, part of more than 1.5 million computers nationally. CFS SK distributes over 4000 computers each year to schools, libraries and non-profits in Saskatchewan. They operate two volunteer repair and refurbishing centers in Saskatoon and Regina where surplus computers are cleaned, refurbished, and prepared for delivery. Volunteer workshops are staffed by SaskTel Telephone Pioneers. For more information visit https://cfs-sask.ca/

For media inquiries, please contact social@ursu.ca.


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