Surviving Self-Isolation

With classes online and events cancelled, the effects of self-isolation may be felt more intensely than ever before. Don’t give in to despair though, there are many ways one can fend off the boredom of self-isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. To give you strength as you champion the cause of flattening the curb, here are some ways to not stress out during self-isolation.

Coffee Time Online

As some of you may already be aware: the hottest new cafes are all online. With FaceTime, Skype, or GoToMeeting, anytime is coffee time so get your favourite brew going, call some friends, and enjoy a casual coffee date without worrying about social distancing. This setup can also be ideal for online occurrences of study groups, book clubs, and, of course, dance parties!

Books (Have you really read them?)

It can be hard to switch things up when it comes to re-reading a novel but beyond reading upside or with a mirror there are other ways to gain more perspective on a preferred read. Look for books or essays about your favourite stories to discover different opinions on literature you love and you might just relight the excitement you had for a certain saga. Read other offerings by your favourite authors and check out their more obscure offerings for a greater appreciation for their body of work. Check out the free online databases from the Archer Library, Regina Public Library, and Oxford University Press and other sources.


Make friends with free weights, they take up little room and offer a variety of exercises. No weights? Use textbooks! If your books are online then lift your computer. If pets, family, or roommates are not around or not on speaking terms after a week of quarantine, we suggest lifting supplies! Start with curling one roll of toilet paper and before long you’ll be squatting Costco cubes. Try remote yoga. No not crawling/flailing/flipping around on your couch trying to find the TV remote or video game controller. Many yoga teachers or fitness instructors offer online instruction through social media so find one that inspires you and start making the most of this unintentional me-time.

Learn a Language for when people reconnect.

The realities of living during a pandemic mean many have had to reconsider trips overseas. Sadly for some this means a delay or cancellation of a journey they had been planning or anticipating for a long time. The silver lining to this COVID-19 caused cloud is that you now have time to perfect your patois so to speak. And if you didn’t pick up much before your previously scheduled departure date then now’s the time to take some online lessons, you can even practice with your friends through video conferencing!

Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.

Keep your downtime constructive, it doesn’t have to be something like pottery, rocketry, or blacksmithing, as those would be impractical in most students’ domiciles (wait is VR Blacksmithing a thing?) but keep your mind and body busy. The example pictured is extreme but activities like origami, LEGO, or just dynamic doodling can keep you sharp during self-isolation. We can’t imagine anyone really building a rocket but if so please do so safely.

These (hopefully) humorous tips are intended to be helpful but to also take your mind of self-isolation during these difficult times. If you are stressed out or feeling depressed we urge you to access mywellness’s online assessment or contact our Student Advocate at For updates on how COVID-19 is affecting campus please visit Your efforts are appreciated and we will get through this together, well, apart but together. Divide to conquer!
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