URSU Endorses Knock Out Interest Campaign

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Students’ Union of the University of Regina Inc. (URSU), I am delighted to announce that URSU hereby endorses the BCFS ‘Knock Out Interest’ campaign.

As the cost of post secondary education continues to increase at a seemingly incessant pace, more and more students require government student loans and other financial assistance to keep up. The interest rates attached to these loans are predatory in nature. As a society, we should not punish people who make an investment in themselves, particularly when this investment is one that increases their ability to contribute to the societal collective interest.

URSU is calling on legislators to eliminate the interest on student loans and provide much needed relief to students in Saskatchewan and Canada.

Respectfully yours.
Victor Oriola,
URSU President

For more information or to send your letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visit: www.knockoutinterest.ca

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