Surviving Finals Season – Pro Tips

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs of supporting students if we didn’t give students some helpful ways to ensure a successful study session.Here are some tips to get the most out of your cramming.

Get Books

The more you know… the more you can bluff during an exam.

Books are important for studying because they contain knowledge and stuff. That knowledge can come in handy when taking tests (crazy theory but bear with us). Gather all the necessary sources and make sure to bookmark important online resources too for quick reference. If you’ve set aside three hours of studying time, you don’t want to spend the majority of it searching among library aisles or wandering through Wikipedia articles.

But not too many Books

Don’t do this, is what we’re saying.

If you grab every book on a topic, you’ll spend your whole time reading and little to none of it remembering. Stick to the suggested texts and use your time to review what you have read. This will hopefully make you feel more confident when it comes time to apply the knowledge you gained to questions presented on the final. Also, some books are like stupid heavy so unless you’ve worked studying into your exercise routine it’s best to go minimal or go digital.

Get Food

Get some grapes that are so good you lose yourself in them.

If you’re studying at school, pack plenty of food so you and your mind don’t wander. Bring a variety of your favourites so your cravings won’t commandeer your consciousness and distract you from the task at hand.However, be mindful of others and try not to bring anything that could cause problems for those studying with or near you. If you don’t feel like packing a small buffet, don’t worry, just open The Owl-To-Go app and order something yummy for pickup or delivery!

But not too much Food

Maybe she’s preparing for a ‘pop’ quiz.

Snacking is a great way to stay focused on studying without being interrupted but if you pack too much, chances are you will pack away too much. This can lead to the dreaded food coma, which is the enemy of studying superiority. Keep your snacks light and non-greasy so your notes, books, and devices aren’t ruined or covered in buffalo sauce. If you forget to bring study survival snacks, just keep an eye out for the URSU Cares Exam Relief Cart, which is stocked with perfectly proportioned packs of precious goodies.

Avoid Distractions

No spoilers, means no spoilers, especially when studying.

Put the phone on airplane mode, put it in your bag, or at least put it facedown, just as long as you don’t put it in your hand. If you keep reading the reviews of Aquaman, that chapter on Watershed Hydrology will never ‘sink in’. The more you focus on your studies now, the more you can enjoy other stuff (worry free) later on.

Provide Distractions

Cats: helping you procrastinate one pic at a time

Your brain’s going to need a break so remember to have someways of taking your mind off studying, even if it’s just for ten minutes. Load up your stupidest cat videos or episodes of your favourite show. That way if the power goes out or the Wi-Fi is sketchy (or if you just don’t want to use data) you’ll still be able to relax during those precious breaks. Taking sometime to do nothing can help when it’s time to do something…and that something is studying.

Get Comfy

When you and the study group are so in sync it’s scary.

Whether you’re at home or on campus, the old saying proves true: location, location, location. Stake out a good spot in your favourite quiet building but be vigilant. Make sure you spread your bag, jacket, and other clothing around so there’s no mistake that this area is yours and searchers should keep on looking. At home, find a spot in your house that is relatively free of distractions but is still near a window so you can get some sunlight. You don’t want to resemble a White Walker when you show up for your first final.

But not too Comfy

Do not nap. You can sleep when finals are done.

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