2018 URSU Fall By-Elections Unofficial Results

Below are the unofficial results for the 2018 URSU Fall By-Elections. Please note that all results are pending ratification by the URSU Board of Directors. The results of the vote for the President position are pending investigation by the URSU Elections Committee. If you have any questions please contact the Chief Returning Officer by email at cro@ursu.ca.
President (Pending investigation by the URSU Elections Committee)
Sukhdeep Brar (475)
Matt Fedler (174)
Rashad Haque (51)
Colton Macdonald (147)
Shawn Wiskar (465)
Abstain (361)
Director Faculty of Arts
Souravdeep Singh
Yes (98)
No (44)
Abstain (71)
Director First Nations University of Canada
Keisha Desjarlais
Yes (21)
No (4)
Abstain (1)
Director Francophone Students
Muhammad Khan
Yes (421)
No (182)
Abstain (317)
Director LGBTQ Students
Jacq Brasseur
Yes (503)
No (146)
Abstain (263)
Director Part-time Students
Radhika Bansal
Yes (58)
No (18)
Abstain (291)
Amit Kumar Bansal (257)
Steve Byblow (135)
Rashad Haque (92)
Muhammad Khan (73)
Colton Macdonald (295)
Arts University Council
Alfred Adenuga
Yes (88)
No (26)
Abstain (59)
Arts Executive of Council
Colton Macdonald
Yes (120)
No (25)
Abstain (281)
Business University Council
Rashad Haque
Yes (44)
No (30)
Abstain (131)
Business Executive Council
Rashad Haque
Yes (41)
No (28)
Abstain (171)
Graduate Studies and Research University Council
Lorene Entz
Yes (52)
No (5)
Abstain (13)
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