5 Ways to Make Sure the Warm Weather Stays

The sunny weather has finally arrived but it is up to all of us to make sure it sticks around. Here are some helpful tips from your Students’ Union on how to make the warm weather feel more welcome:

1. Starting tuning up your bike, straightening out your golf clubs, or just do some stretching. The squeaks, creaks, and groans will signal the start of the season and hopefully wake spring from its slumber.

2. Still some ice on your sidewalk or driveway? Before you begin laying down salt, try using sand — from the beach!! Spread some out then just grab a towel, some sunscreen, and a stocked cooler, and enjoy a prime seat on your own private beach — just don’t get splashed by passing traffic (trust us).

3. Dress as your favourite flower (annual or perennial — we’re not picky) then proceed to sway in the breeze in the hopes of attracting bees, who are the unofficial avatars of spring. If allergies are not a problem for you, incorporate real flowers into your display to increase authenticity but beware of dogs (trust us again).

4. Rewatch your favourite shows but maybe, you know, open a window. Fresh air will seem like a luxury after having your face in textbooks for the last few hours or days…or months for those who actually did their course readings. Also the laughs of ‘The Office’ or shocked gasps of ‘The Bachelor’ should be enough to get spring’s attention. If that doesn’t work, repeat until it’s summer…or winter again.

5. Put birdseed out to encourage our feathered friends to return… then catch them to create a rig to fly south. Wear proper safety gear and exercise appropriate caution while constructing the apparatus, as birds are known to be treacherous.



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