Media Release from URSU Executive

ATTN: URSU Membership:

With respect to the recently concluded Students’ Union of the University of Regina Inc. (URSU) General Election, the Elections Committee has just completed a very thorough investigation of several violations of the URSU Elections and Referendum Bylaw. As a result, the Elections Committee made the difficult decision, supported by collected evidence, to disqualify Mr. Rishabh Dutta as a candidate for the position of Vice-President External Affairs.

As a result of the disqualification, the Elections Committee, will be reaching out to the candidate with the second highest amount of votes to determine if they are still interested in the position. Should that candidate no longer have an interest in the position, then the same opportunity would be offered to the candidate with the third highest number of votes. Should the third candidate also decline, then the position of VP External Affairs would remain vacant and become available again in URSU’s fall by-election.

All final election results are expected to be ratified at the next meeting of the URSU Board of Directors to be held April 5, 2018.

URSU recently made significant changes to its Election and Referendum Bylaw to ensure greater transparency in the electoral process. URSU through the Bylaw, has entrusted the URSU Elections Committee with the task of upholding the integrity of URSU’s electoral process. The Elections Committee is comprised of the Chief Elections Officer (CRO), the Public Elections Officer (PEO) and the Student Elections Officer (SEO). Each of these positions is independent of the URSU Board. The Elections Committee was established to implement and enforce the rules and regulations of the Elections and Referendum Bylaw. By being an independent neutral third party, any potential conflicts of interest by URSU Directors pertaining to the electoral process is eliminated.


Requests for any additional information in this regard can be addressed to;

Jermain McKenzie – URSU President

306.586.8811 ext 206

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