Petition to Vote on CFS Levy put forth to UofR Students

It’s time to talk about student fees and how they are affecting YOU! Every year as a student, you pay up to $106 dollars for student services. These amazing services include your campus paper, the Carillon; our amazing student centers: UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, the University of Regina Women’s Centre, World University of Canada (WUSC); and many of our campus sports teams and clubs. But students have raised their voice at the URSU AGM and told us, it’s time to have a say on CFS.

The CFS or “Canadian Federation of Students” as it is known is a collective of student unions from across Canada. The Canadian Federation of Students claims to be a national organization that lobbies on behalf of students, in support of students’ rights, and on issues that affect students’ lives. As one of the oldest partners, URSU has stood by the CFS since its formation. The students have raised concerns about the CFS’s transparency, visibility and accountability on our campus. Students are paying over $120,000 every year for this service and it’s time you have your say. This isn’t the first time! In 2009 URSU gave our students the chance to vote to stay or leave the CFS, and it is time to give students their chance again!

As per the CFS policies and procedure, 15% of our students are needed to sign a petition saying they want to have this vote. It’s time to have YOUR say. To do that all you need to do is follow three easy steps:

  1. Sign the petition!
  2. Tell your friends to sign the petition
  3. Vote in the referendum in the fall!

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