Forgetting Fr*ckin Finals and Handling the Holidaze

Whether you’re up to your neck in study notes or getting ready for some holiday hibernation, it’s important to keep your spirits up and your heart rate healthy at this time of year. It can be hard to find time to even breathe during exam season and sometimes the thought of a festive feast can leave you short of breath. So for those still seeing finals in their sleep and those with a calendar full of nothing, we’ve got tips to make the most of your precious free time!

1. Pet a fuzzy friend, like a dog or a cat (not a bearded buddy, unless they’re OK with it)! Even if you missed Pups and Pints last week in the Riddell Centre Multi Purpose Room, there are a few ways you can enjoy relaxing with some shaggy sights for sore eyes. The folks from St. John’s Ambulance who organize the “Paws Your Stress” sessions won’t be back until next semester but in the meantime the Regina Humane Society, Prairie Sky Dog Rescue, and CC RezQs Regina are always looking for helping hands or happy homes for cats and dogs. Adopting and owning a pet is a great way to take your mind off your studies, relieve everyday stress, and get some exercise — just make sure your living situation and finances can cope with a cuddly new critter.

2. Look for the URSU Exam Relief Cart! We sweeten up your studying with snacks to help raise your blood sugar and elevate your mood. We take our Exam Relief Cart (ERC) around to some of the study spots on the University of Regina Campus and give students a little pick-me-up. Armed with sweet and salty snacks and some supportive sentiments we let students know that their Students’ Union is here for them so keep an eye out for the ERC during the final days of finals!

3. Dollar Draft at The Owl. Cheap beer always makes students smile, need we say more? Oh, it’s TONIGHT at 9pm, does that help?

4. Hit the gym, go for a walk, just get out! Exercise is the easiest way to break out of a funk or forget about final grades. Once you get your blood flowing and your heart going, your mood will improve and you’ll be too busy (and too tired) to worry about what you got on that exam. The long-term effects of just a bit of exercise are more beneficial than, you know, doing nothing. You can go cross-country skiing (here are some trails) or downhill skiing (Mission Ridge is close or you could trek to Castle Mountain), skate downtown or at one of the city’s public rinks, try curling, take a tumble tobogganing or go for a stroll! Just make sure to stay off the ice on Wascana Lake and Wascana Creek and always wear warm footwear with great grip.

5. If you’re seriously stressed out speak with a friend, our Student Advocate or the UofR’s Counselling Services. We know school (and life) can get overwhelming so one of the best things to do is talk with someone before stress and negativity pile up. Sometimes the holidays aren’t always happy and there’s noting wrong with that so even if you’re just chatting over coffee or singing cheesy holiday tunes it’s better than facing doubt or depression alone and in silence. Finding ways to manage your mental health is the greatest gift you can give yourself!


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